Lake Emory Project Spotlight | Atlas Pinnacle Coastal Granite

Lake Emory Project Spotlight | Spartanburg Roofer

As a Spartanburg Roofer, working in communities like Lake Emory provides the opportunity to work on some beautiful homes. In this post, we are spotlighting the selected Atlas shingle.

In the early spring there was a crazy wind storm that had ripped through the Lake Emory and the surrounding community. There was visible damage from the ground and even more revealed once we got on the roof for closer inspection. Our no cost “roof health inspection” revealed enough damage from the windstorm to warrant contacting the insurance company.

We worked closely with the Morgan’s and their insurance company, shared images and our findings from the original roof inspection. We set a time to meet with their investigator, reviewed the entire roof and were able to get our customer compensated for the roof damage.

The Morgan’s reviewed and decided to select the Atlas Pinnacle Coastal Granite, which was a much nicer look. Atlas Pinnacle® Pristine architectural shingles offer stunning color that lasts. With protection against damaging high winds and black streaks caused by algae, you’re investing in a roofing system that has lasting curb appeal, and the peace of mind that comes with it.

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