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20+ years of experience

We know that you want to feel relieved of a leaky roof. In order to do that, you need to find a roofer you can trust. The problem is that sleazy roofers have left you scrambling to find someone who can repair or replace your roof, which makes you feel overwhelmed & stressed. We believe finding a roofer you can trust should be easy! However, finding a trustworthy roofer is often one of the hardest parts of getting your roof repaired or replaced.

We don’t think you should have to figure this out yourself. With 20+ years of experience, we can assure that you will get a roofer you can trust and a roof that will last.

A Local Business,
Helping Local Business

It could sound cliche, but Consumer First Roofing is operated differently than many roofing companies. Our approach is not to be the biggest, rather to be the best. One project at a time.

There are several things that have developed and shaped the culture of our local residential and commercial roofing business. Early on in life my mom instilled rules and chores that have led to the structure and manner in which we do business. Honest, Respectful and Organized are among those core values.

On a roof from the age of 12 years old has afforded me the opportunity to develop a true passion for the industry.

14 Years later Consumer First Roofing was launched with a mission to deliver next level service, combined with top quality products and workmanship.

A roof is part of one of the largest investments someone will ever make, when they purchase a home or a building. We are proud to play a role in protecting that investment.

3 Steps To Getting
A Roof You’re Confident In



Schedule an assessment so that we can get the information we need to repair or replace your roof.



We will assess the roof, mediate between you and your insurance, and repair or replace your roof.



Know that you have a solid roof over your head.

A Roofer You
Can Trust
James and his crew were spot on, they were on time an very considerate.
~ Brent Hess

Extremely pleased with the work Consumer First Roofing did today! 
~ Michelle Guffey

Great experience! I highly recommend Consumer First Roofing!
~ Melissa Morgan
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