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Boiling Springs Roofer | Red Fox Farms Roof Replacement

The Boiling Springs Roofer, Consumer First Roofing was on location in the Red Fox Farms community updating and upgrading a roof. Our client selected the Copper Canyon Atlas Pinnacle Architectural Shingles, which look outstanding with their home and trim colors.

A full roof replacement with 38 squares, taking 2 full days, including the tear off and some unexpected repair. As we were removing the old roof, it revealed some rotten wood in a couple of spots, which we took care of. We also discovered there was also no flashing in one of the walls. This oversight is unfortunately all to common. Many roofing companies are so focused on getting to the next job, something gets overlooked.

We maintained our Consumer First Roofing mindset and made the repairs and still completed the project on time and at budget that was approved. Below are a couple pictures taken during the project.

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